FDB Vela

FDB Vela:  THIS IS ABOUT THE POWER OF TURNING WHAT IF INTO WHAT IS.  And what happens when a new product launch becomes a brand manifesto becomes a visually stunning way to build on human truth. Which is exactly what happened when Hearst’s FDB commissioned Jef Loeb and team to develop the creative that would ... Read more


SD8: The magic of a head-bending idea.  WHILE THERE’S ROOM FOR DEBATE ABOUT CONSUMERS’ TRUE FEELINGS about advertising, there’s none when it comes to one irritatingly persistent sub-genre—the universally loathed political “attack” ad. To which the campaign pros reply, “blah-blah-blah, they work.” But what if that yin of rejection/yang of efficacy wasn’t inevitable; what if ... Read more


Ubisoft: Creative punch as force multiplier. With the holiday selling season fast approaching, international game maker Ubisoft decided to take a calculated risk: putting a very modest amount of support behind a new boxing game based on the Rocky franchise. With a budget that matched moderated expectations, the challenge became doing as much as possible ... Read more


VoteWatch: It’s not democracy if your vote doesn’t count. Before the madness of the 2016 presidential election, there was the travesty of a presidential vote that gifted us with those two indelible words: “hanging chads.” We were asked to help build awareness of a new organization determined to make sure 6,000,000 votes would never, ever, ... Read more

California Association of Health Facilities

California Association of Health Facilities: The power of emotion to protect. This project started with a real and immediate threat to state funding for skilled nursing facilities. The intent was to squarely address California legislative and policy decision makers in a way that would reverse almost-certain cutbacks and closures. Step 1: Assemble a communications team able ... Read more

Winning political media

Winning political media: Magnetic creative is your best media multiplier. From explosive audience fragmentation to the fake news and digital fraud phenomena to voter rejection of campaign advertising, things in political-ad land are bad, trending to worse. Step 1: Reject tired formulas and insist on better, sharper, and more data-driven in every aspect from concept to ... Read more

Flex Alerts

Flex Alerts: Doing what’s right isn’t easy. As every marketer knows, self-interest plays a big role in almost every consumer decision. So how do you inspire people to take personally disadvantageous actions—like turning down the air conditioner during a heat wave? Our answer was to find a visually fascinating idea that would leverage social influence ... Read more

Bay Meadows

Bay Meadows: Replacing history with opportunity. In its day, San Mateo’s Bay Meadows racetrack played host to famous horses like Sea Biscuit. But that was then, and it was now time to convince people that something they’d normally hate—growth—is something they should learn to love. Step 1: Building a team of 360 communications specialists with ... Read more

Yale New Haven Health

Yale New Haven Health: The brand that began before the brand. The CEO of Yale University’s teaching hospital wanted to build an integrated health delivery network to improve everything from regional medical outcomes to his organization’s competitive position. The only wrinkle: He wanted to get started long before any kind of formal groundbreaking. Step 1: ... Read more

Minnetonka Peewee Hockey

Minnetonka Peewee Hockey: Engaging a new generation. In Minnesota, hockey is a 24/7 obsession with a charming intensity that not-so-virtually begins in utero. But there’s always an interest in getting more kids on the ice and letting them benefit from the physical and character-building benefits of the sport. The rub: This is an audience that ... Read more