Hearst’s FDB

Hearst’s FDB: Rebrand, reposition, rule. It’s one thing to be the global leader in a complex category like healthcare IT and quite another to hang on to the joy. That’s why FDB, seeing downward-dipping sales trends, decided to rebrand the company in the minds of health decision-makers in the US, UK, Europe, the Middle East, ... Read more

American Energy Products

American Energy Products: Imagine that. Every brand facing significant reputational damage has to contend with three rock hard problems: opening ears, earning reconsideration, and winning hearts when people have already made up their minds. No coincidence, our plan for a consortium of national energy products companies revolved around a similar number of steps: mining big ... Read more

California Energy Conservation

California Energy Conservation: 99% Perspiration. In a blistering heatwave, when the demand for energy threatens the supply, government has a binary choice: either accept rolling brown- or blackouts, or convince people to take unselfish action like dialing down the a/c. Which is why California energy authorities commissioned a public engagement campaign that would persuasively tell ... Read more


PG&E: Simplifying serious complexity. As the nation’s 5th largest energy utility, PG&E contends with a bewildering array of service, regulatory, and competitive challenges. Beginning with a single small project in 2011, we’ve built a partnership role that involves us in everything from marketing energy efficiency programs, to redesigning the company’s entire SEO outreach, to tackling ... Read more

Colorado River Indian Tribes

Colorado River Indian Tribes: Equity and inclusion. Marketing a concept as “distant” as reforming tribal gaming reform demands something special from the creative approach: turning the proposition from “it’s all about them,” to “it’s all about all of us” in a way that’s truthful and relevant. In Arizona, that meant television ads that meant contrasting ... Read more

Yale New Haven Health

Yale New Haven Health: The brand that began before the brand. The CEO of Yale University’s teaching hospital wanted to build an integrated health delivery network — we didn’t know what that was, either — to improve everything from regional medical outcomes to his organization’s competitive position. The only wrinkle: he wanted to get started ... Read more


Chevron: Hyperlocal know-how. Unless and until the community rallied behind the concept, Chevron’s $1B Richmond Refinery modernization project was destined to stay stuck in its cement starting blocks. The hyper-local brand solution: translate economic and environmental benefits into a reason to take new pride in this upward-looking city. By celebrating the progress being made all ... Read more


VoteWatch: It’s not democracy if your vote doesn’t count. Before the madness of the 2020 presidential election and its aftermath, there was the travesty of a presidential vote that gifted us with those two indelible words: “hanging chads.” We were asked to help build awareness of a new organization determined to make sure 6,000,000 votes ... Read more

Minnetonka Peewee Hockey

Minnetonka Peewee Hockey: That’s my kid! In Minnesota, hockey is a 24/7 obsession with a charming intensity that not-so-virtually begins in utero. That’s why generations of boys and girls of all ages have been encouraged to join one of the best run youth programs in the US of A—Mites, Squirts, Peewees, and Bantoms, all living ... Read more