Changing a brand changes everything.

Rebranding a company takes you squarely into an unbelievably fraught set of strategic, creative, technical, cultural, and even—dare we say it—emotional issues. Nonetheless, when CEO later writes: “made all the difference in the world,” the rewards more than justify the risks. Latest update: reflecting unmatched national category leadership, Recology, together with the City and County of San Francisco has embraced a goal of “zero waste by 2020.” The problem: communicating what that means, and why each of us should support the objective. The result: a pure and elegant integrated advertising campaign that builds on the point that “if less is more, then zero must be everything.” Film buffs will like the fact that the spot (shown here) debuted as a trailer shown before the SF premiere of Jeremy Iron’s new documentary “Trashed.”  Huge round of applause followed.

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