Flex Alert

Facing spiking temperatures, and with the state’s largest power plant down, California energy managers felt the urgent need to remind consumers about what to do if the state calls a “Flex Alert” – a warning of pending power shortages. Working under the direction of McGuire & Company, Brainchild and the amazing animation talents at Buck LA developed the creative and the statewide media plan to build awareness and translate it into action.  As you’ll see, the campaign revolved around the simple, yet compelling, message: “the power is in all our hands.”  Results: the campaign has been publicly credited with saving more than 3,000 Megawatts during the scorching August 9 – 14 heatwave. Meanwhile, the spots have garnered more than 750,000 YouTube hits since launch.

Education TV: 30

Community TV: 30

Notification TV: 15