• No-Brainer #7

    While we were Pinning – This week’s entry started out as a note on a facet of new social media options we’re calling the “So Busy Curating My Life On Line, I Don’t Have Time To Live” Syndrome. That is, until we were distracted by an online set of TV-watching facts claiming the average child spends 1500 TV-viewing hours a year versus 900 hours in school; that we start ‘em early with 70% of daycare centers using TV as part of the routine; and that kids spend about 99.08% more time with the tube weekly than they do talking with their folks about “meaningful” stuff. Do we know what any of this means for the next generation? Well, if you believe the list, there have been some 4,000 studies on the impact of television on children so—no brainer—of course not.