• No-Brainer #9

    Dot Déjà Vu? — Inspired, at least in part, by Facebook’s billion-buck Instagram love tap, it seems as though the “tech bubble means tech bust” drumbeats are booming just a little louder.  Question: is it just us, or are we detecting a faint-but-eerie-tone of nostalgia in all the rumblings?  If so, does that mean memory’s golden haze has mutated pre-March 2000 into “the good old days?” Or is it something more akin to “this time it could happen to me!” In any event, the consensus is that we’re good for a whole 5 years before irrationality translates into insolvency, which gives us all plenty of time to resuscitate favored dotcom-isms like “Internet insta-millionaire,” any use of the words, “New Economy,“ and, of course, “we may not be first mover, but we will be best in breed.”