• No-Brainer #17

    The Old New Future Normal? At Brainchild we don’t have a Department of Buzzwords That Deserve To Be Put Out Of Their Misery, but if we did they’d be all over that “heard it once, heard it once too often” phrase “The New Normal.” Okay, to be fair, the term – coined by financier Bill Gross in 2009 as a way to characterize the joys that were waiting on the flip slide of the recessionary chamber of horrors – started out well enough. But then it became a book describing present and future economic trends. Then a Sunday morning “see how smart I am” staple of the talking heads. Followed by its incarnation as a NBC sitcom which, despite characters that included two gay men trying to have a baby, a law-school dreaming surrogate mom, a quirky tweener daughter, and a homophobic racist grandmother – how much hilarity can you pack into one show? – was mercifully cancelled. Doubtless, leaving the world hoping that the “new normal” somehow would no longer be part of the new normal.  But this, friend, is the new normal and hopes here are always hopeless. Which leads us to today’s fun-for-the-whole-new-normal-family question: Is it more normal to want to be “New Normal,” “Old Normal,” or something in between? We know how we’d answer.  How about you?