• No-Brainer #16

    You knew this would happen. In the spirit of the “well informed futility syndrome” we thought it would be either fun or painful, dealer’s choice, to compile a list of things with highly negative consequences that almost anyone could have foreseen, but no one did much about. For the academically minded, “well-informed futility” is a psychological condition, first identified in 1973, rooted in the observation that the more some people know about the world, the less they feel able to affect it. And, with the note that cover-to-cover readers of the Sunday New York Times should be afraid, very afraid, let’s start with three obvious duhs: First up – Congressional inaction on the sequester results in air traffic control cutbacks and major flight delays. Next – since the end of WWII, it’s been entirely clear that having jillions of baby boomers reach their seniority, gosh, right about now would have tectonic consequences for the health care system.  And last but not least – the housing crisis that set off the Great Recession.  But, heck, it’s no fun playing this game alone.  Please send your “well informed futility” examples to jef@brainchildcreative.com  Predictably, there’s no prize, except for the dubious glory of being published in this space and celebrated for your insight in social media.