• No-Brainer #16

    Thanks a Megawatt (or two).  The name of our mini-blog is “no-brainers,” but it should probably be renamed “no class” if we fail to follow Southern California Edison’s lead in thanking several million people for recently doing the right thing. The message the utility placed last week via a full page ad in the Los Angeles Times: during the summer Flex Alerts, Californians accepted the hardships necessary to save energy and keep the lights on – saving upwards of 3,000 Megawatts statewide and about 300 in LA alone (a Megawatt is enough electricity to serve 1 million homes).  So, okay, maybe we pause to kvell for just a moment – Brainchild was tasked with producing and placing the ad campaign that helped get the Flex word out.  And, with about 750,000 YouTube hits, it sure seems to have gone viral (you can find the creative on this site under “Work”).  But here’s the thing:  the good people at Edison demonstrated enormous grace in acknowledging the importance of collective consumer action in the face of potential crisis.  And while it may be a bit belated, we think it’s only right to add some thanks of our own.