• No-Brainer #15

    Bubbling Pitch. There are some advertising ideas—using the Tanning Mom to promote New Jersey’s cultural charms leaps to mind—that are simply not recommended. Other notions, however, are more on the bubble. Among them: the wisdom of allowing your agency to appear on AMC’s weekly advertising blood sport show, “The Pitch.” Okay, in fairness, you have to admit the producers can claim credit for very watchable TV. But between the constraints of 60 minutes of running time (minus time for, ahem, a very few commercials), and the mandate of reality programming to explore the attractive sight of leaking jugulars, it’s clear that the best you can expect is a vague reflection of reality. So why are ambitious people taking the risk? Beyond the obvious “get ink, any ink,” theory, we’d bet it’s something else – the confidence that it’s possible to game this system to come across like the brilliant team you think you are. Based on the product to date, we’d have to say good luck with that—this camera inevitably seems to gravitate to ego and arrogance, not intelligence and insight. And whether or not that ever adds up to the kind of fame that draws talent to a shop, or young people into the business, is entirely speculative. Which leads to the question: if The Pitch came bubbling up to your door – would you dive in?