• No-Brainer #14

    The real F-bomb. While it might be true that you learn something new every day, it’s entirely uncertain that will lead to any leaps in the quality of life. By way of illustration, consider the consequences of finding out that the newly minted acronym “FOMO” stands for “Fear Of Missing Out.” This, we are told, is the reason people, regardless of technological predilections, feel so compelled to check various online whatnots multiple times per hour. As it happens, the phenomena is also a big part of mobility ascendant since, if Mohammed is too busy to get the scoop on his desktop, the scoop damned well better get to him. Or her. In any event, we happen to believe that FOMO is real, because – pardon us for a second while we check our email – we’re just as bad as everyone else. Even if we’re also mindful of the fine irony that comes when knowledge, instead of leading to power, inspires fear. Well, f-bomb that. Rather than surrender to FOMO we’re going to cut back. Like, checking our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts only 15 times an hour. Okay, make that 20 times tops.  Don’t want to miss something important.