• No-Brainer #13

    Two thin dimes.  So, okay, the entire Facebook “pop” was two dimes and three even more dubious pennies. Not much for what had been overhyped as the “most hyped” stock offering in history. Particularly, when you consider that 56% of that amount winds up in the majority shareholder’s pocket—proving once again that Facebook is fine with sharing your information, but not much else. Still, we have to wonder if the market was on to something when it punctuated the event with a question mark instead of an exclamation. After all, the “I” in IPO stands for initial, not inevitable. And right now the web vs. mobile war over hearts, minds, and share of wallet is all fog and no clarity.  In part, because we happen to think that the future is less about the where and when of platforms, and more about the what and why imperatives that command the battle for attention.  Which is where Facebook, along with every other marketer on the planet—our humble selves included—will succeed or not.