• No-Brainer #12

    Bodies in motion — The IPO is still a few days away, the corks have yet to bestow waiting bottles of Cristal with one last, lingering, French kiss, and already the naysayers—damn you, naysayers—assert that Facebook is a mere 5 years away from a face plant. The rap: companies born with web, not mobile, DNA, are genetically time stamped for replacement. While the thought might slow the post IPO champagne pour by a nanosecond or two, it does get us thinking about a world gone so mobile it can change 800 million minds just like that. The question: will spatially unlimited connectivity make it easier for brands to reach, intrigue, and entice consumers?  Or will Newton’s point about moving bodies tending to stay that way mean nobody’s going to settle long enough to connect and communicate? We’ll talk more about that later. In the meantime, ahem, if you just happen to know someone whose generous spirit is matched by access to Facebook stock, do tell.